Mumbai in June

For: Nikolas Lloyd

I was asked to write this piece for a film version of a play entitled ‘The Adventures of Stoke Mandeville: Astronaut and Gentleman’ which was to be released in a series of short episodes on YouTube. Nikolas Lloyd’s original intention was to use ‘Bombay March’ by Maurice Jarre but he could not get the rights so he needed something original instead. This meant that he had a very clear idea in his mind though about exactly what he needed – loud bits and quieter bits that he could cut up and use at the beginning and end of episodes – and what it should sound like – “pompous, British and happy” – which was great. So, we agreed a small fee to suit his budget and I set to work writing a traditional but slightly quirky march for brass band that was to be recorded by the Knottingley Silver Band. Less than two weeks later I posted off the score and parts and we received the finished recording shortly afterwards. Not long after that I was sent the link to the first episode so I could see the music in context and I have since enjoyed episodes two and three.

You can hear the full piece as performed by the Knottingley Silver Band and view the score, below is a short clip from the beginning of the first episode and the full videos of all episodes released so far can be found by searching YouTube for ‘The Adventures of Stoke Mandeville: Astronaut and Gentleman’.

If you are interested in performing the piece or would like it be arranged for different forces I would be more than happy to oblige – just get in touch.

“Tom Albans was recommended to me by a musician friend of mine as someone with all the necessary skills to deliver a completed score for all the instruments for a brass band. My friend was proven right. I gave Tom a brief of what I wanted – a happy-sounding march to be used
as theme music for a steampunk sci-fi video – and in an impressively short time he was able to complete the composition and post off all the music to the band. The band was happy with the sheet music and so far as I know encountered no problems with it, and soon afterwards I was very happy to listen to the result.”